Sparks - Indiscreet (1975)

1. Hospitality On Parade
2. Happy Hunting Ground
3. Without Using Hands
4. Get In The Swing
5. Under The Table With Her
6. How Are You Getting Home?
7. Pineapple
8. Tits
9. It Ain't 1918
10. The Lady IsLingering
11. In The Future
12. Looks, Looks, Looks
13. Miss The Start, Miss The End
14. Profile*
15. I Want To Hold Your Hand*
16. England*

*These bonus tracks can be found on the Island UK CD reissue only


Vocals: Russell Mael
Keyboards: Ron Mael
Guitar: Trevor White
Drums: Dinky Diamond
Bass: Ian Hampton

Produced by Tony Visconti
Orchestral arrangements by Tony Visconti
Front and inside photography by Richard Creamer
Back Cover photography by Gered Mankowitz

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