Sparks - Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat (1984)

1. Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
2. Love Scenes
3. Pretending To Be Drunk
4. Progress
5. With All My Might
6. Everybody Move
7. A Song That Sings Itself
8. Sisters
9. Kiss Me Quick


Vocals: Russell Mael
Synths: Ron Mael
Guitar and backing vocals: Bob Haag
Bass and backing vocals: Les Bohem
Drums: David Kendrick

Produced by Ian Little
Recorded at Oasis Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Engineered by Steve Bates
Mixed by Brian Reeves, Dave Bianco, and Mick Guzauski
Cover concept: Ron Mael
Cover illustration: Stan Watts
Art direction and design: Larry Vigon
Photography: Jim Shea


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