Sparks - The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman (2009)

1. 1956 Cannes Film Festival
2. “I Am Ingmar Bergman”
3. Limo Driver (Welcome To Hollywood)
4. “Here He Is Now”
5. “Mr. Bergman, How Are You?”
6. “He'll Come 'Round”
7. En Route To The Beverly Hills Hotel
8. Hollywood Welcoming Committee
9. “I've Got To Contact Sweden”
10. The Studio Commissary
11. “I Must Not Be Hasty”
12. “Quiet On The Set”
13. “Why Do You Take That Tone With Me?”
14. Pleasant Hotel Staff
15. Hollywood Tour Bus
16. Autograph Hounds
17. Bergman Ponders Escape


All words and music by: Ron Mael and Russell Mael
Produced by: Ron Mael and Russell Mael
Story by: Ron Mael and Russell Mael
Orchestrations by Ron Mael
Recorded and mixed by Ron Mael and Russell Mael
Recorded on the soundstages of HollywoodAmerican Studios, Hollywood, California and at the Radio Drama Studio, Stockholm

The Studio Chief: Russell Mael
Limo Driver: Ron Mael
Ingmar Bergman: Jonas Malmsjö


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