Sparks - Introducing Sparks (1977)

1. A Big Surprise
2. Occupation
3. Ladies
4. I'm Not
5. Forever Young
6. Goofing Off
7. Girls On The Brain
8. Over The Summer
9. Those Mysteries


Musicians: Ben Benay, Alan Broadbent, David Foster, Ed Greene, Ron Mael, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Reinie Press, Lee Ritenour, Thom Rotella
Backing Vocals: Tom Bahler, Al Capps, Stan Farber, Jimmy Haas, Ron Hicklin, Mark Piscitelli, Nick Uhrig

Produced by Terry Powell, Ron Mael and Russell Mael
Engineered by Lenny Roberts
Assistant engineers: Betsy Banghart and Randy Tomanaga
Recorded at Larrabee Sound, Los Angeles
Arranged by Al Capps and Ron Mael
Photography: Bob Seidemann
Design: John Kehe, Tom Steele


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